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Terms of purchase

Terms of purchase

1. Applicability

All our prices apply to the online store and are normally stated including VAT for private / corporate customers and excluding VAT for retailers. With reservation for misprint in product description and price. We hold F-tax certificates.

We apply the Distance Contracts Act (2000: 274) to all sales and complaints to private individuals. When selling to companies, the Purchase Act (1990: 931) applies.

2. Order

All orders are made via the Internet. We do not accept orders in any other way than via our online store on our website. Minimum order is SEK 50. If the customer is under 18 years of age, the guardian's permission must be obtained from the customer before the purchase is completed. Orders made in another person's name without his or her consent, or in any other way that causes us to suffer financial or other damage, are reported to the police. Ordering gives consent for the customer's e-mail to be registered in our list for newsletters, and consent is also given for the IT site in Kalmar AB to send newsletters to the e-mail address.


The price for each product is stated in ClickOnline's current price list, which can be found on ClickOnline's website. Prices for end consumers are stated in Swedish kronor excluding shipping. There are no hidden costs or surcharges on ClickOnline and you get a full overview of all costs before you order. We are constantly changing the prices of our products. This is affected by the exchange rate and price changes from suppliers. Prices that change either upwards or downwards do not affect lying orders.


As long as your order has not been delivered, it is possible to make a cancellation. Contact us at [email protected], enter order number and full name. We then confirm whether it is possible to carry out the cancellation.


In order to offer a set of different payment options, we need to share your personal, contact and order information with the provider of each payment service. We recommend that you read our privacy policy.

The use of this information is regulated in accordance with current data protection laws.

4. Delivery

Delivery time

Estimated delivery time is stated on each item. This is the time it is estimated for the item to be delivered from our warehouse.

Shipping cost

We offer weight-based shipping to individuals and companies. Current shipping cost is always shown at checkout.

Shipping method

Mypak (Postpaket)

Shipping takes place with Posten and the consignment can then be picked up at your local delivery point after you have been notified (identification is required). It is the buyer's responsibility to check that the address provided to us at the time of ordering is correct, and that the buyer, after we have processed the order, follows up the delivery with the forwarder.

DPD Business Package 16.00

Applies only to companies. If an individual chooses this alternative, the package is automatically converted to Postpaket. Refunds for extra shipping costs will not be made.

Consignment note

Since many of our customers have requested cheaper shipping options, we have introduced letters as a shipping method. This means that the item is sent by regular mail directly to your mailbox (if the item is bulky, it is sent to the nearest postal agent).

Uncollected shipment

Shipments that have not been redeemed and returned to ClickOnline claims will be charged SEK 395 including VAT to cover ClickOnline transport and administration costs.

Damaged goods

Damage to packaging / outer packaging and non-visible damage should be reported to Posten Sverige AB, within 7 days. Visible damage is reported with advantage immediately upon collection. Complaints and claims can be made to your agent, via or in contact with Posten Sverige AB via 020-23 22 21. All packaging must be saved for any inspection. Always give feedback to customer service with a complaint number when you have lodged a complaint with Posten.

5. Right of withdrawal

As a consumer (private person), you normally have a 14-day right of withdrawal from the time you have received an item we have sent you. The right of withdrawal is regulated in the “Distance and Home Sales Act (2005: 59)”. According to section 4 of this Act, the right of withdrawal does not apply to distance contracts for a product which, due to its nature, cannot be returned or which can quickly deteriorate or become too old.

The product must be complete. This means that all accessories (eg remote control, operating instructions, batteries, etc.) must be included in the return.

When invoking the right of withdrawal, ClickOnline reserves the right to make a depreciation deduction in accordance with the Distance Trading Act.

The product must be able to be sold as new to the next customer. Upon return, it is the customer's responsibility to protect the product with outer packaging to avoid damage to the product and packaging.

Products that have sealed packaging have no right of withdrawal if the seal has been broken. This applies, for example, to storage media such as memory cards and USB sticks. Exceptions can be made in the form of price reductions because the product can not be sold as new to the next customer.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to ordered goods.

Companies have no right of withdrawal.

Before you return, we recommend that you contact our customer service via e-mail: [email protected] for faster handling.

You pay the return shipping cost yourself when invoking the right of withdrawal and are responsible for the transport to us.

In the event of a right of withdrawal, the customer is also responsible for the original shipping.

Upon return, we ask you to attach a copy of the invoice / receipt together with the item.

All returns must be sent with Posten, ClickOnline has no possibility to pick up packages that are sent with eg DHL / Schenker's private services to agents.

ClickOnline does not redeem packages against cash on delivery / cash on delivery.

Returns that do not meet the above criteria are returned to the sender against return shipping cost or price deduction.

Refunds are made within 30 days of an approved return or complaint. This is done in accordance with the rules of the Consumer Purchase Act.

Uncollected consignment is not considered an exercise of the right of withdrawal. SEK 395 is charged for uncollected shipments.

Note the following exceptions:

1.1. Software, games, storage media and RAM are sold sealed and must be uninterrupted for the right of withdrawal to apply. Check that the product fits before you break the packaging!

2.2. Some products include consumables such as. headphones, sports bracelets, mobile phone cases / cases where the product warranty is limited to 3 months. This also applies to products that are delivered in sealed packaging, e.g. cartridges to printers. In order for the right of withdrawal to apply, these seals must not be broken.

3.3. If the performance of a service has begun with the consumer's consent, the right of withdrawal ceases to apply. Examples of these services are console modifications.

6. Complaints

As a consumer, you have a 1-year factory warranty and a 3-year right of complaint from the date you receive the product.

During the first six months after the purchase, it is up to the seller to prove that the defect did not exist from the beginning. Otherwise, the error is counted as original. When it has been more than six months since the purchase, it is you as the buyer who must be able to prove that the defect existed from the beginning. These conditions apply in accordance with the Consumer Purchase Act.

You must leave a message about the error "within a reasonable time" after you have discovered it. If you complain within two months, according to the Consumer Purchase Act, it always counts as having happened on time. However, a reasonable time may be longer than two months.

In the event of a dispute raised by the General Complaints Board (ARN), ClickOnline follows their recommendation in the case.

Read more about the Consumer Purchase Act at the Swedish Consumer Agency

So you do

To complain about an item that you bought at ClickOnline, we recommend that you contact us via e-mail: [email protected] with name, order number from receipt / invoice and a detailed description of the error. Then we decide whether the product should be sent in for a complaint or whether the error can be rectified without you having to return the product. When returning, the product must be protected with outer packaging to avoid damage to the product and packaging.

Non-approved Complaints are saved in our warehouse for 3 months for possible return to customer. After that, the product goes to ClickOnline if the customer has not heard from him

7. Warranty terms

ClickOnline provides a 1-year factory warranty on all goods unless otherwise stated, with the exception of consumables, used goods and display copies, where a 3-month warranty is provided.

All products with an internal battery have a 3-month warranty on the battery itself.

Products that fall within the definition of consumables unless otherwise stated are ink cartridges, toner, headphones, headsets, bluetooth headsets, cables, batteries, powerbanks etc.

The warranty means that we replace or repair a broken product within the warranty period. When repairing / replacing the product, a new warranty of 3 months expires if the original warranty has expired.

The warranty applies from the date of purchase and covers manufacturing and material defects.

Wear and tear damage is not covered by the warranty.

Furthermore, the guarantee does not apply in the event of damage caused by an accident or negligence (so-called handling error).

The warranty does not cover faults caused by transport damage, voltage faults, lightning or theft.

If the defect in the product cannot be remedied, ClickOnline has the right to replace the product with a new one or equivalent with the same performance without asking the customer.

The manufacturer's any extended warranty is handled directly by the manufacturer. We are happy to help you with contact information for each manufacturer.

Of course, we follow the Consumer Purchase Act's recommendations on product warranty. All repairs are performed by the respective manufacturer or its agent. It is thus the same conditions as if you bought the product in a physical store.

The factory guarantee can not be transferred to another party but only applies to the person on the receipt / invoice.

If we assess that an item is not subject to defects covered by the factory warranty / right of complaint, the item is returned against return shipping cost (SEK 59) and troubleshooting cost of SEK 350 including VAT.

In no case is the customer entitled to compensation for indirect damage or consequential damage or otherwise for damage to the business, extra work, lost income, loss of savings or lost profits, etc.

ClickOnline is thus not responsible for, for example:

  • damage that may occur to the customer as a result of product incompatibility and the like and due to conditions that are attributable to the product's performance, function, usability, suitability for the intended purpose or the like.
  • damage that may affect the customer as a result of loss of data.
  • damage to other property caused by the properties of the product.
  • - ClickOnline takes no responsibility for the product / products' compatibility with each other or other products nor different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux etc. This compatibility is the responsibility of the customer himself to ensure that it is correct.
  • ClickOnline's total liability of any kind shall in no case exceed the purchase price.

8. Support

All support is via e-mail to [email protected] or via our contact form.

9. Dispute

In the event of a dispute where the buyer is a private individual, our policy is to always follow the General Complaints Board's (ARN) recommendations. Disputes between two or more companies are usually decided in court.

You can read more about alternative dispute resolution for consumers on the European Commission's website.

10. Privacy Policy

Your personal data is processed in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). It is important to us at that you feel safe with how we handle your personal information. Therefore, we are open about how we collect, process and share the data we store with us.

The law means that you as a customer have a number of rights. Among other things, you have the right to order a register extract with your personal information, such as name and contact information and purchase history. We NEVER sell your personal information to other companies.

By entering or requesting information at checkout and Klarna Betaltjänst, you accept ClickOnline in Kalmar AB's terms of purchase, ClickOnline's privacy policy and Klarna betaltjänst's terms of use and Klarna's use of your personal information in accordance with Klarna's terms of use.

You can read our entire privacy policy

11. Force Majeure

In the event of war, natural disaster, industrial action, government decisions, non-delivery of subcontractors, costly circumstances, and a comparable event beyond our control which could not reasonably have been foreseen, ClickOnline is released from all its obligations.

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